The Club Miami - Jasmine Terem
Henao Segal - Jasmine Terem
I’m the SVC and Deputy CEO of Adama Americas and Asia corporate headquarter office located in Miami.
I met Jasmine back in 2009 and decided to hire her to design our headquarters North America and Latin American market. She listened very carefully to our needs and goals. We wanted to move away from the corporate look and feel. We wanted to show the innovative side of our company, we wanted to be different.
Jasmine surpassed our expectations. She gave us a clean, simple yet powerful identity even more like a high tech company look. She custom designed the entire space with fine details and created a refreshing work environment that is both energizing and elegant. Jasmine was involved in each and every detail like selecting the furniture, lights, pictures to be hung on walls and so on.
Many business owners visited our offices to get inspired. Even among our many global offices and headquarters, the Miami office designed by Jasmine is considered the most advanced, modern and best looking offices in our group.
Today, my wife and I are remodeling our home and it was only natural to get Jasmine on board.
— Musa Givon, CEO Adama Americas & Asia
I started working with Jasmine more than a year ago on The Club at Bay Harbor Islands. This French designer certainly is on the rise! I was pleased to work with a professional designer who knows her subject. Very talented, Jasmine showed a positive attitude throughout the entire project and never hesitated to go the extra mile for her client. It was a great pleasure to work with you Jasmine, I look forward to our next project together.
— Rick Pitchman, CEO Max South Construction
Passionate, talented and inspired! Jasmine, thank you for your hard work. I can’t wait to start on the next phase of my project!
— Kevin Pruett, Vice Preisdent Aerospace Sciences and Engineering Division at ENSCO, Inc. and Developer
We had purchased an 1950 Miami house with typical vintage features. Our project was challenging because we wanted a striking and relaxing house on a limited budget. We wanted a Miami Modern home with a natural flow and open spaces for our entire family. We wanted to keep the most beautiful features of the 1950s and get rid of the rest, yet the remodeling had to blend in smoothly. Jasmine and her team achieved just that. She listened to our wishes and respected our vision.
We encountered many challenges, there were delays, ups and downs, but at the same time, great looks and spaces, beautiful materials and textures, open spaces to light and nature. Jasmine’s work outlined the essence of our property. To the entire team, thank you, we love each corner of our house!
— Carolina Henao & Ilan Segal, Managing Director of The Standard Miami Beach